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58 shift indicator
$49.95 Each

5860 shift collar
$99.95 Each

59 shift indicator
$49.95 Each

60 shift indicator
$49.95 Each

1961-1963 New Shift Collar
New, exact reproduction of original.
$99.99 Each

6166 upper steering bearing
1961-1966 Upper Steering Shaft Bearing
When this wears out, it will usually destroy the bushing around it, resulting in steering wheel side to side play.
$19.00 Each

6166 upper steering bushing
1961-1966 Upper Steering Shaft Bushing
When this is worn out, the steering wheel will dance around inside the column.
$9.00 Each

6466 shift collar
$99.95 Each

6466 shift indicator
$24.00 Each