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!966 Thunderbird convertible

The car looks like it has 60,000 miles and that's what it reads. The original door panels are not cracked by the handles, like most are, so the car looks like it was taken care of and that the mileage is right.. I did the paint about 12 years ago but it is holding up quite well. A little nick here and there but I touch it up as soon as I see it. All original interior. There might be a 1" seem opening and a button missing in the drivers seat. New rug went in when it was painted. TOP, TRUNK, WINDOWS, LIGHTS, HORN, ELECTRIC ANTENNA WORKS PERFECT! Original color. I like to keep everything original. Original 8 track (needs work to play). All chrome, including interior is very, very good, I re-chromed anything that needed it. I took it to shows and always went away with 1st, 2nd or 3rd. It's 53 years old and not a trailer queen so don't expect perfect. I am a perfectionist but I am not going to spend $50,000 to get it "perfect" It's super nice. TRUNK IS DETAILED with new kit , ENGINE IS DETAILED. Spinner Hub Caps are detailed. Tires are NEW! When I restored this car, I replaced anything that didn't look new unless it cost a fortune. The latches for the top have very little pitting but they are $100,00 each and mine were not that bad. I think that's the only thing I still think about. Everything else was done! This car is nicer than most I see for sale. I have seen t-birds sell for $23,000 and then they have to dump another $10,000.00 or more to get it to where mine is. Chrome alone can cost $8.000.00. You can tell a lot from the photos and I can give more if you need. Willing to look at a "best offer"

917 559-8151