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1958-1959 Deck Unlatch Solenoid Relay
Used on the 1958-Early 1959 convertibles, operated by the key switch, releases the two latch solenoids on the trunk lid.
$59.95 Each

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1959-1960 B9SF-15672-A Relay
Convertible top or deck solenoid relay, 2 required per car. Please call for price and availability.
Call for details

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1959-1960 B9SF-15672-B Relay
Please call for price and availability.
Call for details

5963 c0 relay
1959-1963 C0SF-15672-D Relay (New)
Used for: 1958-1960 Deck lock or unlock 1958-1960 Deck open or close 1958-1960 Tray erect or retract 1958-1960 Top erect or retract 1961-1963 Deck lock or unlock
$49.95 Each

1959-1966 Relays Used (Tested)
These are good used tested relays.
$30.00 Each

1960 Additional Solenoid Relay
C0SF-15672-A or C0SF-15672-C
$65.00 Each

6166 c1 relay
1961-1966 C1SF-15672-A Relay (New)
Used for: 1961-1963 Deck open or close 1961-1963 Tray erect or retract 1961-1963 Top erect or retract 1964-1966 Deck open or close 1964-1966 Top erect or retract
$49.95 Each

1961-1966 Convertible Neutral Safety Relay
C3VB-14512-B On 1961-1962 it is mounted under the dash, above the steering wheel. On 1963 it is mounted inside the car, above the passenger side kick panel. On 1964 it is mounted in the engine compartment, under the passenger side cowl drain tube. On 1965-1966 it is mounted in the engine compartment, high and centered on the firewall.
$59.95 Each

6466 c2 relay
1964-1966 C2VB-15672-A Relay (New)
Used for: 1964-1966 Deck lock or unlock 1964-1966 Tray erect or retract
$59.95 Each